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Freedom from slow & time-consuming cooking

Slow and time consuming European sealed burners are now past, with the new Double Ring Burners from Sabaf, Italy. Specially designed to provide more heat for Indian style cooking, these burners are surely a pleasure to work with.


Sizes does matter!

Planning a large kitchen, this one is just for you ....

…a whopping 6 feet wide hood which stands as a beautiful focal point in it’s island design, the one and only of it’s kind in the industry. With an astounding suction of 2500 m3/hr it totally liberates the kitchen of grime, greasiness and fumes.


Colour glass chimney match your kitchen decor

Colour is surely one of the most important elements with a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives. We help you bring it alive in your creations with our range of coloured glass chimneys. No more mundane monotones, live life Technicolor, make the settings fiery and alive. Dress up your kitchen in a totally new innovative way !


Choosing the right hood

Capella Chimney gives a luxurious ambience to the kitchen and is the answer for those of you who dream of the perfect designer kitchen! Outstanding workmanship has translated the futuristic designs into pieces of art, matched only by excellent engineering that gives you a range of top-end chimneys that define ‘perfection’.


Downdraft Hood

This type of counter hood is installed behind or alongside your hob. When you need it, just press the button and it glides in to position.


Island Hood

Better suited to larger kitchens. They suspend over a central island unit and can make a stunning focal point.



Ideal for smaller kitchens. They’re cleverly integrated into the underside of kitchen units.


Decorative Hoods

Available in all kinds of sizes, styles and finishes. Great for a dramatic centerpiece.


Choosing the right hob

Straight seamless lines create a neat look that spells ‘class’. Toughened glass with stout cast iron pan supports exemplify contemporary styling. Slow and time consuming European sealed burners are now past, with the new Double Ring Burners from Sabaf, Italy. Specially designed to provide more heat for Indian style cooking. Discover cooking that is a pleasure because of the simplicity and convenient features of Capella Built-in hob.


Hobs with Italian
Double Ring Burners

when you choose a Capella gas hob, it’s also about bringing a sense of style and finesse to your kitchen.


Induction Hobs

They work by creating a magnetic field between the hob and pan. They’re quick, easy to use, and energy efficient as well.


Hobs with
European Sealed Burners

That elegant black glass surface doesn’t just look stunning – it makes your Sense hob a breeze to clean.



From deep frying to bar-be-que grilling, Capella’s Dominos can turn a little counter space into a customised cooking.


Choosing the right Ovens

As an integral part of your kitchen cabinet, the built-in oven converts your kitchen into a state-of-the-art work place that gives immense satisfaction. With a tri-series of conventional, steam and microwave oven, these ovens inspire and invite you to a world where cooking is a creative and pleasurable pursuit.



Combining the best use of space with a harmonious & compact feel, the Built-in Oven elevates the kitchen to another


Steam Ovens

Steam is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook food. Not only does the food taste more flavorsome, it’s also


Microwave Ovens

An elegant selection of built-in microwaves that add a new look of luxury to your kitchen with their matt steel and glass exterior.



The ideal warming drawer should blend in with a kitchen, and not take up too much space.


Downdraft - counter hood

Capella counter hood is the epitome of intelligent thinking in kitchen design. Installed behind or alongside your hob, it glides up in to position, beyond the height of the pans to extract odours directly from the cooking area on the press of a button. With an ingenious under-counter installation, wall space is kept clear so that the view across the kitchen remain uncluttered.

Capella counter hood features touch control technology and is super-efficient at it’s purpose of eliminating smell, fumes and grime